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RubiaMorena started playing music as an acoustic duo in 2011. At this moment in time Christian and Sunniva are a married couple with two young boys. They dedicate their time to their own music pursuing common goals; Playing fantastic live shows and inspiring people with original music and their story...

Christian writes; 'Playing acoustic music together for several years in a row led us to some intensive tour scheduals in Spain,  the Balearic Islands and the Netherlands. On the road and at our house we came up with several nice musical melodies that became songs in the studio. The process asked for more musicans, more atmosphere, other input. We soon formed a band with supurb musicans'. 


Common ground: One of the possible names for the EP. This musical couple found  each other due to seperate performances on a wedding for a mutual friend. During rehearsals all the 'small-talk' ended up in serious conversation regarding some significant resemblances between the two. 

Sunniva struggled with some severe psychiatric challenges. At the age of 18 she was diagnosed with Borderline. Not satisfied with this label she kept searching for answers. In the end, after several high highs, and low lows, the final verdict was being bipolar. There is no 100% resemblence between the two, ofcourse,  but enough experiences and shared feelings to become soulmates pretty fast.

Christian was diagnosed with a dysthyme depression. A rather uncomfortable and long title for being not quite happy for longer periods of your life. 'Just a melancholic state of mind', he tells us. The encounter with Sunniva ( and vice versa ), learning to make the right choices in work ánd life was something they both benefit from. Sunniva was able to quit her medication and Chris is on track again! They stick together, make music, and also perform for social disadvantaged groups. As they strongely believe that sharing is healing; they play  on a regular base for people with psychiatric challenges who are admitted in clinics.

Being an Idol in 2002 for national TV turned out to be challenging for Sunniva. After filling in the application forms for the major talent show 'Idols' she was portrayed in the weekly television show as a tall blond, over-enthousiastic life motivator. The 'power' of TV and media hurted her image badly. She álmost made it to the live theater shows but had to cope with her loss; Her mum died on January 6th and the press dugged into the story.  This ended up in some negative media attention and the press attended the funeral uninvited. 

After a intensive career as guitar player that abruptly ended after the time Chris played as a support act for the popular Dutch group Blóf, now it is time for new stuff! Early spring 2019, June 23th will mark a big turn-around for the insainly inlove- couple. The first EP with original Rubiamorena songs will be released on all digital platforms. It is also possible to buy the actual pressed CD with stunning hand-made artwork.

For their EP the've worked with Kobus Groen ( Miss Montreal, Wulf ) Cees Trappenburg ( Armin van Buuren, New  Cool Collective ) Ton Snijders  ( Frank Boeijen ) and      Hans Eijkenaar ( Anouk, Kane, Dulfer ) Femke Krone ( René Froger, Ellen ten Damme ) Jan Paul van der Hoeven, Jan Flubacher, Jan Stavenuiter and the young gipsy jazz guitarist Wies Knipping.

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